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Art, Animation, and Comics podcast made to entertain and inspire Artists while they work in their studio.

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EP: 92 Intervention Con 2014!

Internet + Convention = Intervention: The Premier Showcase of Online Creativity. Featuring Webcomics, Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Makers, and more. Intervention (a combination of the words “Internet” and “Convention”)highlights independent artists from all spectrums of creative output (Comics, Music, Podcasts, Video, Blogging, Stories, etc.) who use the Internet as their primary distribution method. The convention hosts panels, workshops, movie showings, music concerts, open gaming, and dance events.


Ep: 91 The EPIC History of the Color BLUE

For thousands of years man has desired the color blue for art. Unfortunately it was very hard to come by. True vibrant Blue could only be extracted from a rare rock called Lapiz Lazuli and it could only be found in a single cave in Afghanistan. It was more valuable than gold.


Man vs. Art Ep: 90 Disney, Copyright corruption and the rape of The Public Domain

The Walt Disney Company has a history of taking from the Public Domain and not giving back. Instead they copyright what they take and then try to extend copyright on said properties indefinitely which keeps them out of the public domain forever. They have profited immensely from the Public Domain and legally pursuing any one who they feel threatened by. They do not give anything back. Only take.


Ep: 089 Dreamworks Director John Sanford HTTYD Riders of Berk

Interview with Artist, Writer, Director, Story Artist and comic creator John Sanford who currently works as the Director of the Dreamworks Animated Series Riders of Berk . John is also the creator of the web comics Chippy and Loopus and K&J which his wife writes. John is originally from Denver Colorado. He attended Calarts and in 1993 started at Disney on the Hunchback of Notre Dame as a Story trainee. He also worked on Mulan, Atlantis, a little on Lilo, then co-directed Home on the Range.

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