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Art, Animation, and Comics podcast made to entertain and inspire Artists while they work in their studio.

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Ep: 96 Release the Curmudgeon!

On Today’s show I blast MILLENNIALS for their lousy work ethic, lack of respect towards real grown ups, and their childish sense of entitlement. Their inability to handle hardship or criticism doesn’t make for good artists. We have a generation of total pussies who expect everything handed to them.


Ep: 089 Dreamworks Director John Sanford HTTYD Riders of Berk

Interview with Artist, Writer, Director, Story Artist and comic creator John Sanford who currently works as the Director of the Dreamworks Animated Series Riders of Berk . John is also the creator of the web comics Chippy and Loopus and K&J which his wife writes. John is originally from Denver Colorado. He attended Calarts and in 1993 started at Disney on the Hunchback of Notre Dame as a Story trainee. He also worked on Mulan, Atlantis, a little on Lilo, then co-directed Home on the Range.


Top 8 Art stories from 2013! Banksy, Picasso, George Dubya, and more

Master Miyazaki By Raul Aguirre Jr.

First up, I’m sure I missed something. There were lots of big news in the Art World this year. Damien Hirst had another installation ripped off. Works of Fine art selling for record numbers, A&E the arts and entertainment channel finally went to shit. Anyway, sorry If I missed something this is just the stuff that really stood out to me. Bansky, Miyazaki, German Art Horde, Russian balls nailed to the floor, Bush paints kitty cats, Zimmerman painting, Picasso raffle. And now Here we go.


Ep: 87 Andrew C. Griffiths Animator and Children’s Book Creator

Welsh born Freelance Cartoonist Andrew Charles Griffiths drops by the Studio to talk about his new Children’s Book Eddie the bad tempered Teddy. We talk Animation, Comics, Cartoons, Illustration and there’s even a cameo by Alan Moore!

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