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Ep 76 Canadian Animator Andrew Sharp eh. 2d Traditional Animation Production Pipeline and Holiday fun

Traditional 2d animation artist Andrew Sharp from way up in the Yukon spends some time on the Man vs. Art Podcast talking about artistic influences, animation production pipelines, and home studio set ups!


Man vs. Art Episode 66! The Thief and The Cobbler.

The Thief and the Cobbler was supposed to be the greatest animated feature film ever created! The film is master animator Richard Williams life’s work, a highly revered legend in the animation industry.Williams labored on his dream project for over 30 years. Sadly, his masterpiece suffered a similar fat such as The Magnificent Ambersons and the unfinished Don Quoxite by Orson Welles. Imagine how much it sucks to have your life’s work taken away from you because of money and then released to the public in a form totally different from that you intended. I call this artist’s hell. That’s the tragic and sad story behind The Thief and the Cobbler.

When he began production in 1964, Williams wanted The Thief and the Cobbler to be his masterpiece, and a milestone in the art of animation. Because its complicated animation and independent funding, The Thief and the Cobbler was in and out of production for over three decades. Williams worked for years as a producer of incredible TV commercials. Every cent he earned went into the gradual independent production of The Thief.


Man vs. Art Episode 29! Don Bluth Interview pt. 2 plus Webcomic Diva Onezumi Hartstein.

In part 2 of the interview, we get into the nitty gritty of 2D traditional animation. Don talks about the times he got to watch the Great Milt Kahl animate. Don also mentioned how Frank Thomas explained to him how to show weight in your characters when animating! For the second segment of the Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing webcomic creator / illustrator Onezumi Hartstein and her partner in crime, web developer James Harknell. Onezumi (Oni for short) lives in New Jersey, loves Heavy Metal, and Disney World. She writes and draws the web comic Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos.Oni is one of the most active contributors to and supporter of the webcomics scene:


Man vs. Art Episode 28! Animation Legend Don Bluth Interview Part 1

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with the the great Don Bluth, one of animation’s most respected figures and one of my greatest inspirations as a kid. We had a great time and hit it off really well. Since then, I have been eagerly anticipating the chance to share the interview with you Minions. Like many of you, I totally realize how extremely valuable of an opportunity it is to speak with my guest. We both joked and laughed and shared with each other our mutual respect and deep passion for Traditional 2D Animation.

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