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Cons | Man vs. Art 2
Art, Animation, and Comics podcast made to entertain and inspire Artists while they work in their studio.

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Ep: 82 The Return of the Poet Christopher Luke Trevilla

Poet Christopher Luke Trevilla and Artist Raul Aguirre Jr. go deep into the artist rabbit hole and explore the mind of the artist.


Ep: 81 Dreamworks Animator Larry Flores

Man vs. Art Podcast Episode 81. Raul sits down with old friend and colleague From Disney, animation artist Larry Flores who just got laid off from the Dreamworks ill fated “Me and My Shadow” film. Larry talks about his 20 plus years in and out of the Animation business.


Ep: 78 Web Comic Ninja Krishna Sadasivam and the Yiynova MSP19u a low cost alternative to the Cintiq.

Today I’m joined by Veteran Web Cartoonist and Animation Instructor Krishna Sadasivam to discuss among other things, a $600.00 solution to the $2000.00 Cintiq problem. Have you always wanted a tablet monitor?, but couldn’t spare the the 2 Grand needed? Tune in and get the scoop on the Yiynova MSP19 tablet monitor. It’s about time someone gave a little wake up call to Wacom about their over priced Cintiq


Ep 76 Canadian Animator Andrew Sharp eh. 2d Traditional Animation Production Pipeline and Holiday fun

Traditional 2d animation artist Andrew Sharp from way up in the Yukon spends some time on the Man vs. Art Podcast talking about artistic influences, animation production pipelines, and home studio set ups!

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